@realty Conveyancing is your one stop shop for all of your conveyancing needs. Our services will make sure
that your legal interests are covered throughout the process and our on-time guarantee will ensure we do notdelay the settlement process.

It is very important to be aware of what services your conveyancer is performing. Although some
conveyancers may seem cheaper, you need to be careful because they may not be providing all of the
required services for that quote.

@realty Conveyancing provides you with the full spectrum of services in the sale of your property to ensure
nothing is missed, including:


  • Peruse Contract to ensure in the correct format and completed and signed correctly and appropriate

  • disclosure is included

  • Order Title Search to ascertain the title particulars match the Contract

  • Check that the deposit has been paid by the Buyer

  • Ensure contract conditions are met by the due dates

  • Liaise with your bank in relation to the release of your mortgage

  • Check the Transfer documents presented by the Buyer and arrange with you to sign

  • Arrange for settlement with Buyer and your bank

  • Calculate settlement figures and agree with Buyer and forward to you for your review

  • Attend settlement

  • Advise you and the real estate agent of settlement

  • Deposit your funds

  • Contract the real estate agent to release the balance deposit funds to you

PRICE: $599.00 + GST

(Inclusive of standard searches & outlays)

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