@realty conveyancing provides you with the full spectrum of services in the sale of your property to ensure nothing is missed, including: 

·      order check search on Title to ascertain that it matches;

·      peruse copy recent utility notices (ie. rates, water, body corporate)

·      check transfer documents presented by the Buyer and arrange with you to sign the transfer documents

·      return transfer documents

·      liaise with your bank in relation to release of mortgage

·      check for deposit, rates, water, land tax and other adjustments

·      calculate settlement figures and agree on settlement figures with the Buyer

·      arrange settlement with the Buyer and your bank

·      attend settlement

·      advise you of settlement

·      contact agent regarding settlement and release of deposit

·      Advise you of settlement. 

·      Contact agent regarding settlement and release of deposit.

PRICE: $999.00 + GST

(Inclusive of standard searches & outlays)

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