@realty conveyancing provides you with the full spectrum of services in your purchase to ensure nothing is missed, including: 

·  Check deposit has been paid and cleared by Agent.

·  Order searches and check results

·  Check property description and Contract matches property you are purchasing.

·  Check for encumbrances on title.

·  Discuss with you search results if out of the ordinary.

·  Prepare transfer documents.

·  Send to Seller.

·  Check Transfer documents properly executed by Seller.

·  Prepare stamp duty exemption forms for home Buyers and have these executed.

·  Present documents for stamping.

·  Contact you regarding stamp duty to be paid.

·  Check stamp assessment and pay stamp duty assessment.

·  Check for deposit, rates, land tax, (rent paid, if any) and other adjustments, calculate settlement figures,

   agree settlement figures with Seller and your bank, arrange settlement with Seller and your bank. 

·  Arrange purchase cheques with you and your bank. 

·  Attend settlement. 

·  Advise you of settlement. 

·  Contact agent regarding settlement and release of deposit.

PRICE: $999.00 + GST

(Inclusive of standard searches & outlays)

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